Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home wiring: selection of electrical wires and cables

In electrical wiring of buildings, we must be very very careful in selecting the size of wires and their brand. Be prepared to spend more. Here thrift or kanjoosee may lead to fires in building. Reliability of brand must also be kept in mind. Just fame of brand should not be deciding factor. Make sure

1 Copper used is 99.92% pure , electrolytic copper
   ( this copper has least resistance, because of purity).  
   Electrolytic copper is expansive Rs 20 to Rs 30/kg
   more than impure casted, reused copper.

2  Gauze of copper is right and not under gauge. 
   Thickness of copper wires is not compromised to 
   reduce cost.

3 PVC coating is also of proper thickness and have right

  PVC must not have inferior plasticisers and content of
  cheap calcium in PVC is not more than required.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

setia upvc electric and sanitary pipes

सेतिया U पी वी सी पाईप्स
1 बिजली की वाईरिंग के लिए
2 पीने वाले पानी के लिए प्लम्बिंग पाईप , शेद्दूल  80 , Lead Free , लेड रहित , लेड 
   दिमाग स्लो करता है  
3 हैण्ड पम्प और टीऊब वेल के केसिंग पाईप
4 सनिट्री और रैन वाटर ड्रेन पाईप्स
5 स्प्लिट AC वाटर ड्रेन पाईप्स
6 बिजली की  केसिंग और केपिंग

setia upvc sanitary & electric pipes

Sunday, December 5, 2010


In front :
110mm x 10 kg uPVC drain pipe
uPVC electrical conduits
25mm Light, Medium, Heavy
Middle :
uPVC Casing Capping
Back from left:
113 mm tubewell casing with threads
1.25" submersible pump riser pipe
3/4" upvc plumbing pipe

Stronger, because
Cheap chalk (calcium carbonate Rs 9/kg)
is not increased in
PVC resin (Rs 64/kg)
to reduce cost

UV absorbers (Rs 200 to Rs 2000/kg) 
are added
to increase sunlight resistance

vikas setia

vikas setia